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Marketing Windows & Renovations: Digitalizing your Company with Intelligence

How to move online your windows and doors or renovation company with intelligence?

Why and how to do it in a practical way?

For sure if you're reading this article you want to fully or partially digitalize your windows and doors or renovations company, but you don't know where to begin.

You've been told that digitalizing a construction business means creating a new website and running some advertising here and there... and the game is done.

Unfortunately, this was a good idea probably 20 years ago, and it has gotten worse after the pandemic situation.

Let's see how to digitalize with intelligence your construction business in a way that you can monetize and strategize better your company.

Let's take a step back first.

Bringing online your company, even if we're not talking about remodeling or selling windows, has to have a proper meaning and goal.

Don't forget that the construction business is one of the most complex and hard companies to maintain alive, especially in the long term, so the business owner that runs the business has to take care of it.

An investment in online marketing, mostly after the last period of "world emergency", is a must. But what do we mean by that?

The only thing that matters is the Return On Investment.

That's why the website and some poor ads don't really match the meaning of a successful digitalization.

The question you should answer as soon as possible before digitalizing your construction business is just one.