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How to optimize your Customer Acquisition Strategy if You're Running a Window & Remodeling Company

Marketing for Window and Remodeling companies in 2023?

How to acquire new projects, and high-end customers, non-stop for your remodeling and windows company?

This is mainly what we deal with at DVS International Marketing for several years.

I'll explain to you in practical terms the exact strategy to apply step by step with your company in this industry.

If you want to steamroll over the competition who are still just standing around, thinking about the past year, read this on.

If you don't already know me, I'm Giacomo Parro, co-founder of

In that case, I recommend checking out our website and digging into the case studies and results we've had with our partners.

We've been in the business of acquiring customers for window, remodeling, and solar businesses in Europe and US for several years.

Mainly with companies who want continuity of new high-end customers.

But let's get back to the topic of this article.

What's Changing in 2023 for Marketing in Renovations, Windows, and Solar?

Well, there are definitely a few things to consider.

In reality, the strategy I'm going to explain works regardless of the incentives of the moment.

I want to give you the route you should follow with your company if you want to have success and continuity of high-profile projects.

The Initial Strategy for Securing Elite Contracts in 2023

The initial approach, which we also use with our partners, must be practical.

So if you want to acquire new customers, I recommend structuring a well-defined process based on marketing campaigns for customer acquisition.

So no 'likes,' branding, 'communicating' all this crap here - in construction it doesn't work or at least not in the short term.

It won't bring you tens or hundreds of thousands of euros worth of projects in a few months.

So it's not where you should start.

"Should I build a Blog and a Website first?"

No, it takes six months to a year, regardless of whether the person following you knows how to set everything up and has experience in this industry to acquire quality clients.

You need to set up a process from A to Z that consistently brings you new paying customers, which is a bit more advanced than you might think.

So initially go for customer acquisition campaigns (what we've always done in the past years with our clients).

With all the optimizations due to the market change in recent years.

What's the issue in 2023 with remodeling and window businesses' customer acquisition?

Just acquiring customers, some ads and that's it, isn't enough anymore.

More and more companies are going online and customers are increasing their online presence.

The more we move forward, the younger your clientele will be.

As I've already said last year, people are going online before calling you, coming to your showroom, or booking a consultation with you.

So, maybe it's not just about having targeted advertising because the customer sees you online or passes by your store but doesn't come in.

They go on Google, look you up, check if the reviews are positive, then go to Google my Business, click, look at your website, see if it's functional, and if they find the information they were looking for, maybe go to another website, maybe they go on Facebook, they go on Instagram, they look you up and so on.

So, it becomes important to be omnipresent.

With our clients who can handle significant amounts of work, we're already doing this to start having a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

Equally important is actually having a well-defined sales process, with salespeople who are trained and worthy of being called Salespeople with a capital S.

This is a big gap for many companies, but for the purpose of this article, let's leave the sales aside for now.

On the marketing side, it's important to have, as I was saying, a system that works and hits customers' attention from every angle.

I'll give you an example of what happened with one of our clients who are still in the first phase.

So initially: customer acquisition campaigns to acquire new projects quickly.

Secondly, we need to carry out the project I'm describing now in the next few months, so we can complete the marketing strategy.

Once we've also optimized the sales process, before putting gasoline on the fire.

Otherwise, it only damages the business more than bringing benefits to it.

It happened that a private customer of theirs, who got in touch by calling and then setting up a visit, didn't come directly from the advertising in the showroom.

She and her husband were out of the targeted area where we are doing advertising, since we have active campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

The wife said:

My husband passes by your workings area

And he was in a nearby city, covered by our advertising.

He saw the ads and immediately shared the link with her,

I Googled you and found out you're the leading company in the region.

So they have a massive amount of five-star reviews, big time.

Compared to all the other competitors, ten times as much basically.

Then I went to your website - she said - I saw what products you have and finally I called you

So you understand that having a series of marketing assets that convince your customer to buy from you is very, very important and this will make a real difference.

In 2023, 2024 and 2025.

So the companies that start now and shoot:

"Going online means creating new social pages and a website"

If you don't have a strategy that brings interested potential customers, it's useless, period.

So either you invest in advertising and you also have to do work on the organic side, especially for the website, so educational articles, etc.

Or the work is basically useless in the vast majority of cases.

You have to wait for the whole SEO part, which clearly takes time to get going, even with Google My Business bringing you new customers.

Of course, if you want to put the turbo on with the advertising side by spending money, the results, as it's normal, come much faster.

The Strategy for 2023?

So the strategy that I recommend for 2023 is to start with something very practical, customer acquisition oriented.

Of course, if you don't know where to start because you need to structure what to say, who to show the advertising to, what is the sales process, the timing, after how long to call the leads...

You need to structure a process from A to Z to bring the customer from "I'm interested" to "I'm giving you 40-50,000 for my projects" and of course, there are many things to take into account.

Starting from there -> cash in ASAP.

So already in the first one, two, three months cash in 100-200-300-400,000$/£ (it also depends on the advertising budgets and the company structure you have of course).

Anyway, see a return on investment, see that everything works according to the steps ensuring that even the sales side works, so that everything is smooth.

If there is something to optimize, optimize it immediately before starting to scale, before making a big investment, and before doing everything at once because if something doesn't work it's a disaster!

Example: if you're slow to estimate and you get 300 leads a month it's a mess!

Second and third step: start putting together a medium-long term strategy, so start thinking.

What else do we need to grow, on top of the campaigns that are already getting us results - so we can continue to grow from that side - do we need another salesperson?
In addition to the campaigns that are already bringing results, what else do we need to grow? Perhaps hiring another salesperson, working on the copywriting of the website, asking for customer reviews, and even thinking about setting up a strategy for getting video-testimonials from customers?

To simplify, we need a 360-degree approach that educates and acquires high-quality clients for our company, differentiating yourselves from your competitors.

This year you need to think of a more comprehensive strategy, understanding your customers' habits before they even contact your company.

Many remodeling and window companies neglect these aspects, even well-established ones.

In the coming years, starting in this 2023, we can no longer neglect any of it.

So, my recommendation is to start with a practical approach and set a more advanced strategy based on what you can handle.

If you don't know how to do this, you need help or simply don't have time like most of our clients.

Book a call with us by clicking below and we'll see how we can help you, and potentially start working together.


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