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How to optimize your Customer Acquisition Strategy if You're Running a Window & Remodeling Company

Marketing for Window and Remodeling companies in 2023?

How to acquire new projects, and high-end customers, non-stop for your remodeling and windows company?

This is mainly what we deal with at DVS International Marketing for several years.

I'll explain to you in practical terms the exact strategy to apply step by step with your company in this industry.

If you want to steamroll over the competition who are still just standing around, thinking about the past year, read this on.

If you don't already know me, I'm Giacomo Parro, co-founder of

In that case, I recommend checking out our website and digging into the case studies and results we've had with our partners.

We've been in the business of acquiring customers for window, remodeling, and solar businesses in Europe and US for several years.

Mainly with companies who want continuity of new high-end customers.