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Marketing Plan for Remodeling Businesses: From 0 to 1.174.095$ in 90 days with DVS Method

How to go from zero to almost 1.2mln USD in just 90 days if you have a remodeling company with the DVS Method?

In this case study we wanna analyze together how, exploiting the DVS Method, we achieved an outstanding goal for this remodeling business.

Let's be clear, this is not a common result, at all.

This company, but mostly the owner Benedetto, had exceptional skills both from the entrepreneurial side and the team and investments management.

He and his renovation business, like few others, are living proof that impeccable service, a solid strategy, resources and will, bring extraordinary results in a very short period of time.

DVS Method: Case Study of Home Sweet Home

Before we get started and goals

As always we spent over an hour discussing the goals and the marketing strategy to use for the new renovation company that wanted to build Benedetto.

Home Sweet Home's group was born officially in 2020 with the purpose of delivering the best renovation service that Europe has ever seen.

He contacted us for a simple goal, but very ambitious.

The goal we set together was to get at least 20 qualified leads every single month that wanted his expertise and, at the end of the day, to pay for the extreme quality of the renovation instead of looking at the price tag.

Home Sweet Home handles both partial remodeling and total ones, so the goal was more than achievable.

The path, the Million Dollar Marketing Strategy, and problems during the journey

In case this is the first article you read from us, we're a marketing agency specializing in the home improvement niche.

So, as you can tell, the DVS Method fits perfectly for Benedetto's goal and for his remodeling company.

We basically face this kind of request every single day.

The marketing strategy focused, in the beginning, on creating a powerful lead magnet: a personalized E-book for Home Sweet Home.

We usually say it is not what you do that brings results, but how you do it.

In fact, the E-book personalization was based on the period and the kind of goal that, with Home Sweet Home, we set.

The E-book, at the end of the day, is just one of the tools that we used to acquire at least 20 new prospects, focusing on getting qualified ones.

You might don't believe this but Home Sweet Home's website when we got started wasn't even online yet.

Right now actually, at least 50% of our clients don't have a website at all and we still deliver incredible results.

By the way, every time we need to roll up our sleeves to set a marketing strategy that really works (as you can tell from our case studies).

Our marketing weapons are:

  1. Facebook and Instagram Home Sweet Home's business pages needed to be set and ready to acquire targeted leads.

  2. E-book as a lead magnet, we needed to both acquire and educate the new leads so that we can qualify them even more before any sales call.

  3. Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns using the DVS Method model personalized for Home Sweet Home.

  4. A unique landing page was created for lead generation, that acquired basically only the kind of prospect that Home Sweet Home wanted.

We had some slowdowns, especially in the first couple of weeks.

The main reason was a problem in Home Sweet Home's sales team, they're not trained at all.

So the leads were coming in (and later I'll show you all the numbers), but the hard thing for them was to schedule appointments.

So our consultants spent some hours training the sales team and the problem was solved in no time.

Basically, without any sales skills, you can't close any client.

The results we generated in 90 days

Let's get to the numbers.

We smashed the goals we set in the first consulting session.

In the image down here you're looking at the Facebook & Instagram advertising platform, we are inside Home Sweet Home's business ad account.

We used this one the whole time to proceed with the DVS Method and the ad campaigns.

As you can see in 90 days we invested 1.500€ roughly, almost 1.800$ only in Facebook and Instagram ads acquiring new qualified leads.

This investment only generated 109 new prospects, with a cost per lead of 13.55€ ( 15.90 $).

That is just insane just for the average price of any renovation service.

A total of 36 new qualified leads a month.

We almost doubled our initial goal!

Within 90 days 20% of these 109 new leads set an appointment with Home Sweet Home's team, proceeded with the negotiation, and closed the deal.

22 leads closed out of 109. Not bad at all, right?

The most interesting thing is that 80% of them wanted a full renovation of their house/villa and just 20% of them wanted to renovate partially their place.

These two combined generated 1.174.095$ in 90 days.

And this is not over yet.

What happened in the next two months was unbelievable.

Following up the same leads for another 60 days Home Sweet Home converted almost 4mln euros (4.694 mln USD) in just 5 months.

Do you want to integrate the DVS Method into your Remodeling Company?

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