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Marketing For Windows Company: $30.000 Clients in less than 30 days with the DVS Method

Today we'll see together, in another case study, how one of our clients that sells windows and doors got $30.000 clients in less than 30 days with the DVS Method.

This time we won't share any name of the company because of privacy issues.

The ones we work with, with the DVS Method, know this perfectly, our goal is signing high-paying deals that add profits to their windows and doors, renovation, and roofing companies.

Right now out collaborations last at least 3 months, but with this windows company we set a 4-month contract.

Before we get started

We did, at first as always, a deep analysis of:

  1. Margins and profits

  2. Sales skills of the team

  3. Expectations in the first couple of months of work

In fact, we expected the results you saw in the title of this case study.

The goal was from 40 to 60 qualified leads a month.

All of them would have been handled by 2 salespeople from the window company.

The Marketing and Sales Strategy

The marketing and sales strategy we set and implemented with the DVS Method of course follow the guidelines we teach to be the Top 1 in your Construction Business.

Initially, we planned to proceed in this way:

  1. Facebook & Instagram Advertising to acquire new qualified leads that want to buy high-ticket windows and doors from our window company client.

  2. Once we get the lead it automatically will be put into the CRM/Excel and then get called by the sales team.

  3. Negotiation phase.

  4. Closed the deal and final acquisition of a new client.

You can see nothing is left to chance.

Starting problems and the path

We have to say that the marketing side and the DVS Method's never been more efficient:

  • Great cost per lead (qualified lead)

  • Excellent profiling (on average we got leads that wanted a job of at least 10 windows)

As you can see from the screenshot down here, so far we have gathered 81 new qualified leads from two different advertising campaigns investing €946, $1120 roughly.

  1. Cost per lead campaign n.1 - €10.61, $12.57

  2. Cost per lead campaign n.2 - €12.53, $14.84

In a minute we'll get into this in detail.

The only problem arose in the management of sales and the sales team.

We solved it in a little less than 10 days.

Basically, the leads were qualified and ready to proceed with buying, but they faced a salesman not very accomodating.

We made the sales team record every single sales call (a thing that you should implement right away to check on your team and improve), we discovered many gaps in the sales process and the sales skills mostly.

This lack only could have made the whole company leave on the table tens of thousands of dollars each month, so we decided gladly to take care of it.

We had to integrate some sales consulting sessions for both the salesmen.

Once we finished them the results have come immediately generating over $30.000 with just 2 clients.

The results with the DVS Method in the first 30 days

Let's analyze the source of these $30.000 and how the leads were handled.

As you can see, again, from the screenshot down here, so far we have gathered 81 new qualified leads from two different advertising campaigns investing €946, $1120 roughly.

  1. Cost per lead campaign n.1 - €10.61, $12.57

  2. Cost per lead campaign n.2 - €12.53, $14.84

But let's see the excel file related to these campaigns, where we have stored the leads so far.

Besides the most common information about the leads (name, email, location, phone number) we decided, afterwards, to ask for "how many windows and when you need to replace them?", on average 10 windows each.

The excel file is in Italian since the window company is Italian.

Every yellow field is a lead that went in a negotiation.

Down here you can see that the red column has the new potential clients that asked to replace a specific number of windows and when they're ready to proceed with the job.

This is very helpful for the sales team: gathering as much information as possible before the first sales call.

Of these leads, 2 out of 3 appointments have generated $30.000.

Down here you can see the business owner telling us the closed deals and the amount of them.


"Just because you asked it on 3 appointments scheduled, we closed the deal with 2 of them the third one we're not sure yet, but we have a 66% closing rate so far"

But what about the others?

They are nurturing the other leads so we expect way more than 30k at the end of it.

As you can probably tell most of the leads haven't been "processed" yet.

Still, appointments to schedule, offers to send, etc..., etc...

Do you want to integrate the DVS Method into your Window Supply Company?

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