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Marketing For Windows Company: $30.000 Clients in less than 30 days with the DVS Method

Today we'll see together, in another case study, how one of our clients that sells windows and doors got $30.000 clients in less than 30 days with the DVS Method.

This time we won't share any name of the company because of privacy issues.

The ones we work with, with the DVS Method, know this perfectly, our goal is signing high-paying deals that add profits to their windows and doors, renovation, and roofing companies.

Right now out collaborations last at least 3 months, but with this windows company we set a 4-month contract.

Before we get started

We did, at first as always, a deep analysis of:

  1. Margins and profits

  2. Sales skills of the team

  3. Expectations in the first couple of months of work

In fact, we expected the results you saw in the title of this case study.

The goal was from 40 to 60 qualified leads a month.

All of them would have been handled by 2 salespeople from the window company.