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Marketing Strategy For Remodeling Businesses: "Request a Free Quote" is poor Marketing

The main problem in the "free quote" mainstream advertising?

A huge underestimated problem from basically any windows, renovation, and roofing business in the whole world.

Despite there being no real results, and we're going to dig into this soon, everybody keeps promoting his remodeling business with the big fat "ask for a free estimate/quote".

The business owners' idea, in remodeling, is advertising this way since the best thing a client can do is to get into their sales process... But does it really work?

Or better.

Are you 100% sure there's no smarter way?

Why it is a mistake to keep on promoting that you're issuing "FREE QUOTES"?

We are specialized in lead generation and client acquisition of high-paying clients for the remodeling/window niche through the DVS Method.

But if you read our case studies or other articles in this blog you already knew it.

In the last few years, we, unfortunately, encountered any... ANY so sold "marketing strategies" that would never bring a single client, especially for the oldest business niche as the "construction" one.

There's nothing flatter than a marketing campaign using the "Free Quote" flag.

For a number of reasons.

Mistake #1 - Competition

Everyone does it.

Oh yeah, you know it too.

"Choose us, request a free quote"

Since anybody is doing it, we have to do it too!!


Wrong. That's probably the main statement that sets why most businesses fail.

Warning: it's not a mistake to give for free an estimate, but leveraging your company only with it is a huge error.

(Mostly because almost none of them buy eventually!)

If your company doesn't differentiate from the very first magnetic message that attracts the attention of new potential customers, you won't go far.

(The same rule goes for "We have the best product on the market", "We are the leaders of the area", etc...)

The free quote can, and in this niche must be, integrated into a marketing plan that works.

Promoting your products and a "request a free quote" is poor marketing.

We could say it's not marketing at all.

But this is not the biggest mistake.

Mistake #2 - Poor Marketing Strategy brings Poor-Low-Paying Clients

If you tried recently these advertising campaigns you sure would notice something very important.

99% of people, new potential clients, that want the famous "free quote" are wasting your time and resources.

This means losing money, real money for your construction company.

Moreover, these are low-paying clients, that for sure are looking for a discount asking for 10-20 quotes here and there, taking the final decision just by looking at the cheapest price.

In fact, you're familiar with:

"Okay, this company offered me the same products/service for less"
"At the same price, the other company includes also this service/product"

Massive damage to your profits and you already know that.

Other than getting clients, the best-case scenario, that nobody really wants.

These two mistakes combined bring you another pain for your business:

  1. Cash reserves shrink, with all the problems related (see pandemic emergency).

  2. You cannot scale up quickly.

How to solve this problem?

The basic goals for you should be:

  1. Increasing Profits

  2. Increasing the High-Paying Clients

  3. Giving your company Prestige so that you attract only clients that want a premium remodeling service/product

by being exclusive, not inclusive.

The "free quote" marketing concept is wrong exactly because of this.

Your remodeling business will always be seen as second-class because of your second-class marketing.

That's why the ones who work with us and use the DVS Method are not allowed to advertise this way.

And this is one of the reasons why have stunning results already in the first 90 days of collaboration.

Exclusive marketing, for remodeling/window businesses, is by definition filtering the customers.

You leave behind the cheap client and you acquire only the premium ones.

Want to apply for the DVS Method and be our next successful case study?


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