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1. How much does your service cost?

The answer  it depends. It depends on what your goals are and what service fits perfectly with your business goals. 
We do not have services at a cost of less than € 1500 per month, excluding the cost of ads on Facebook, to go up to  € 10,000 per month.
There are no discounts of any kind, under any circumstances.
To request a call to make an appointment click here.
2. I work alone / I have one or two employees, can we work the same together?
The only service we offer to this type of business is  an hourly consultation to try to expand the business. As for Facebook Ads , for example, the problem arises when leads who come into contact with your business are to be followed .. they must be followed and there is obviously a need for staff to close the customer.
Read the blog to find out more about your competitors.
3. But how long do the contracts last?
Contracts currently generally have a duration of 90 days and are renewed if and only if the customer is satisfied with the profits. Now, we know that six-monthly rather than annual contracts fly in this world. Not with us.
In the first 30 days we bring you the results, but for a discussion of technical continuity in advertising, a quarterly package is recommended. We don't care about chaining our clients for months if there is no mutual satisfaction in the job, but these are details we see in an initial meeting.
Click here to see the results with our customers.
What does it mean? We don't work with everyone.
We work with extremely selected companies with which we find synergy of work.
We strongly believe that collaboration is a fundamental point for establishing a lasting partnership.  
Here you can find the published case studies.
4. What are Facebook and Instagram Ads?
We wrote an article in our blog that explains in detail what Facebook and Instagram Ads are and why they are the best investment for your business this year.
Find the article here .
5. I want to start now, what can I do?
It is not possible to start a partnership with us without going through a call or video call.
If you are a door and window or building renovation company, book a consultation here.
6. But there is  refund if it doesn't work?
It is not  it never happened that it didn't work.
Asking yourself this question means that you are not used to spending these amounts on your business, which is exactly why you need targeted leads to increase your customer base.
I remind you that the responsibility for the "functioning" of the collaboration is  of both.
It happens that if you are not able to  follow the contacts, because too many for example, and closing the customer, is money wasted, but we are responsible for providing you with  contacts in target, not to close the customer.
In any case, for whatever reason, there is no refund under any circumstances.
7. How many contacts / leads arrive in 30 days?
Here too it depends on many factors.
1. Your market niche.
2. How much money do you want to invest in ads, if you work with us at least 400 euros per month. (Recommended € 900).
3. Your location.
4. How much audience do you have. Lead acquisition is always based on an audience of AT LEAST 100,000 - 200,000 people.
Some situations lead to a cost per lead of 1-2 euros, others 15-16 euros per contact, others, like ours, over 30 euros per contact.  
So with 400 euros a month it ranges from 200-400 contacts , to 27, to a dozen. But based on our results, we can roughly give you some perspectives during our video call before we get started.
Find here some of our results with Facebook Ads.
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